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Why do I stitch? 

Tricky question. The process from an idea, sketching, deciding on the colours, stitching, graphing, writing the instructions, adding it to the website and social media, all takes time but what a sense of achievement when someone buys a pattern. A lovely feeling of satisfaction and a constant challenge!

My parents were tailors and both grandmothers sewed, knitted and crocheted. As a child all my clothes were made by these four people. I was taught to sew, but hand stitching is what I love to do. Sewing machines don't like me very much.

I began with a tapestry of a cat and more kits followed. Counted cross stitch was finer and a natural progression. I kept changing the colours and altering the patterns until my husband said - 'I don't know why you don't draw your own!'. And so a journey began with my first design being published by Just CrossStitch magazine of two hands stitching a design. A big thrill.

After that success I contacted a women's magazine here in New Zealand. For two years they published my designs of native birds and 

flowers and zodiac signs. A publisher then put these and more New Zealand designs into four books.












My patterns where requested by craft shops and tourist outlets and so the business grew.

The felt patterns evolved as I found that many designs on the market were complicated and had many pages of instructions. I wanted to produce a simple yet good quality product, that could all be easily sewn from the right side. These patterns were turned into kits by a local manufacturer and the range is constantly being added to. 

There is always another idea ( or ten ) sitting as rough sketches on the drawing board, but there are only 24 hours in each day.

It is still fun and I never run out of something to stitch - by hand!

All my current designs, both in cross stitch and felt can be found at CherryParkerDesigns, however I will soon be offering my downloadable patterns for sale directly from my website. Buyers will now have a choice as to where they buy my patterns.

Hard copy patterns will now be produced by CraftCo who produce my kits, and be available in craft shops and tourist outlets. Please contact myself or CraftCo if you would like to stock the patterns. Contact me here.

I am the author of four self published cross stitch books produced after the four books by Reed Publishing went out of pirint. 

I have also written and produced the three books below. 

"Living with an Alcoholic Husband(12,000) copies sold, "How Can I Help My Alcoholic Husband?" and "To My Darling Wife" - a collection of my uncle's letters written at the front line of the Italian Campaign 1943 -1945, all available as e-books or in hard copy.

Kiwi Cross Stitch by Cherry Parker
Cherry Parker's Kiwi ABC cross stitch book
Cherry Parker's Zodiac Signs book
Cherry Parker's Native Birds and Flowers book
12 Days of Christmas by Cherry Parker in Just Cross Stitch magazine
12 Days of Christmas by Cherry Parker in Just Cross Stitch magazine
12 Days of Christmas in Just Cross Stitch magazine by Cherry Parker
12 Days of Christmas Just Cross Stitch magazine
12 Days of Christmas in Just Cross Stitch magazine
Just Cross Stitch Cherry Parker designs
Just Cross Stitch magazine Cherry Parker design
JCS Xmas issue.JPG
Holly and Ivy biscornu pincushion Just Cross Stitch Holiday issue 2021

December 2021

Just CrossStith magazine April 2021
Mom's Collection Just Cross Stitch nagazine
xstitch cover.JPG
calming stones cross stitch pattern

April 2021

Lakeside Needlecraft
Summer Stitching cross stitch design

December 2020

XStitch magazine issue 8
Black Forest Cake cross stitch design by Cherry Parker

June 2020

Christmas Door in cross stitch

July 2019

description of NZ Flowers Cross Stitch Ball
New Zealand Flowers Cross Stitch Ball

Nov  2017

Cross Stitcher magazine
in my hoop.JPG
maybe banner.JPG
Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments issue
Merry Crossmas ornament
JCS Christmas Ornaments
Twas the Night before Christmas Cherry Parker design
Twas the Night before Christmas Cherry Parker design

December 2020

XStitch magazine
Lucky Cat 3-D cross stitch by Cherry Parker

Nov 2019

JCS magazine
Cherry Parker's cross stitch pansy ball

Sept 2019

Julie Mathews Happiness in Hard Times
Article by Cherry Parker in Happiness in Hard Times
December 2016


7 Jan 2009


Many thanks for your contribution.

It is courageous."


Simon Collins

Social Issues Reporter

New Zealand Herald

Chronic Alcoholism article by Cherry Parker
Living with an Alcoholic by Cherry Parker
how to help new .jpg
Article on Chronic Alcoholism
Review of Kiwi Cross Stitch book
Cherry Parker's Kiwi Cross Stitch book
Cherry Parker's Christmas Cross Stitch b
New Zealand Cross Stitch book
Cross Stitch Ball of New Zealand Flowers
New Kiwi Cross Stitch
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