Cross Stitch Doodling is a strip of stitching to play with, to experiment, to have fun with. A continual work in progress. A place to try a few stitches to see if they feel right or to put one colour against another and see what happens. To sometimes add words and shapes. We will experiment over time. As I include more colourful options to the strip I will add them and the accompanying graph to this page.

Details of each design can be read on my archived newsletters.  

All cottons are DMC unless otherwise stated.

If there is too much colour in the background, the cottons used to stitch with, are often drowned out. This is why I have chosen Zweigart's 25 count Lugana Vintage Marble. Use whatever cross stitch fabric you are happy with. My strip is 20cm (8") wide after hemming and is the width of the fabric 140cms. Once again the length of your strip is up to you.

cs doodling graph.jpg

I have begun to stitch the words 4cms ( 2") down from the top selvage.

2 strands of DMC 321 thread over 2 strands of evenweave fabric for the large lettering. One strand of thread for smallest.

Each square is 6sts square the design being self explanatory. What a difference opposing patterns make as well as one strand of back stitching.

DMC Variation colours from left to right are  4200/4170, 4025/4017, 4124/4255, 4135/4150, 4015/4245, 4260/4022, 4050/4042,   4212/4075

square strip_edited.jpg
Trees in a row.jpg

From left to right I have used DMC Variations and DMC Coloris. Use two strands.

4504, 4065, 4505, 4042, 4066, 4045 and 4047.

strip trees doodling_edited.jpg

All the cottons used for the letters are DMC.

Use two strands when stitching over two strands of evenweave fabric.

Back stitch the letters with one strand of any colour you choose.

DMC numbers.JPG

o   3013 Khaki Green

-    3052 Green Grey

bs 3350 Dusty Rose

x   3354 Dusty Rose - light

.   4500 Columbine Gardens - DMC Coloris

The design is cross stitched with 2 strands of thread over 2 strands of fabric. Back stitch the magnolia petals with one strand of 3350 and the stems with one strand of 3052. When working with 4500 complete each cross stitch as you go. To get all the magnolias in pink some fussy cutting of the cotton may be requires. 

Magnolia sampler stitches_edited.jpg
magnolias for newsletter.jpg

bs    321     Christmas Red

bs    924     Grey Green- vy dk

o      926     Grey Green - med 

-      3740    Antique Violet

x     1009     Cranberry - Cottage Garden threads

Use two strands of thread throughout over two strands of fabric, except when back-stitching the holly leaves. Then use one strand of 924.

Add beads for the holly berries.

Use hand dyed thread for all red lines.Use 321 for all black lines