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My current Halloween SAL Ball comes in six parts, each month until August. Each  pattern has a free hanging ornament and the Halloween Doll in the picture will be included in Part 6 as the sixth ornament.

Halloween hanging ornament of Halloween Doll

Following the success of my Felt Tuis I thought there needed to be more New Zealand native birds in felt. Here are the first steps in thinking about what the kakapo may look like. 

So many shades of green felt... too many choices!

felt kakapo pattern new zealand

I recently completed the cross stitch pattern - 'Autumn in New Zealand'.

Winter is nearly here so I need to start thinking about designs that suit. There are many options and as is always the case several good scenes have to be left out. 

The original sketch is never the one that ends up as the final pattern. Everything always changes!

Winter in New Zealand cross stitch pattern

The Halloween Ball SAL is at the halfway point. As I have been stitching it slightly ahead of everyone it is now time to start taking photos as to how it all goes together. It looks complicated but is easier than it looks.

Halloween Cross Stitch ball pattern
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