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  • If you can put words into a Word document you can publish an e-book.


  • If you can describe something in an easy to understand way you will be able to write words in exactly the same manner.


  • If you can provide the answer to a much Googled question you will have a successful e-book.


  • If you can write in easy-to-read, bite sized sections with lots of headings and a lot of emphasis you have an e-book.


  • If you can quickly and easily provide understandable information you will have an e-book.


  • E-books don’t have to be long never ending volumes of work. Tutorials, quick reads and ‘How to’ options are extremely popular. Fewer words and punchy pages equal a good e-book.


  • Write what you know. Experience tops qualification.


  • Simply explain your passion. Truthful emotion sells e-books.


  • This e-book is entirely based on my own experiences learnt from producing my own successful e-books: 'Living with an Alcoholic Husband', 'How Can I Help my Alcoholic Husband?' and 'To My Darling Wife'.

The demand for this e-book follows the popularity of several successful workshops I have presented on the subject.

Testamonial from Workshop participant Irina Velman 

Whether you dream of sharing your story with the world or earning passive income online, Cherry’s workshop on self-publishing will help you get there.

Being an artist and “right brain” author I was struggling with the routine and technical side of publishing. I was missing the guidance of a real person who overcame these difficulties and achieved success. A friend told me that there was a Kindle author teaching workshop and I signed up. Cherry’s course exceeded my expectations. The workshop is very well structured, it covers everything from topic research, writing and editing to uploading the book on Kindle and CreateSpace. I found the course material easy to follow, step-by-step, perfect for beginners.

Since then I’ve had a few colouring books published on CreateSpace and now work on my Kindle book without being intimidated by technicalities of publishing process. Taking part in Cherry’s workshop has been a great decision. I highly recommend it. Sign up for the workshop, follow the training and you can achieve powerful results!

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