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Christmas Biscornu Pincushion

Christmas Biscornu free pattern
Christmas Biscornu.jpg

  Fabric:  25 count white and red Lugana      by Zweigart® two squares of 15cms (6”)

Stitch Count: 49sts square


Design Size: 4” square

Using 2 strands of thread over two strands of

fabric, cross stitch with (DMC 4205)and back stitch with (DMC 991).

Work only the back stitching on the red fabric.


Fold over on the backstitched line and tack down with quite large tacking stitches. This keeps everything in place until after the pincushion has been stuffed and the pellon gives a smooth finish to the top and bottom of your pincushion.

Mark the midpoint of each side of each square.

Using two strands of 4045 whip stitch the two sections together from the right side matching stitch for stitch along the border. Start stitching at the centre of one side, matching this centre point with a corner and stitch to the first ‘corner’. It is easier to use the blunt tapestry/cross stitch needle for this.

Continue matching corners to centers until seven sides have been joined. Stuff the pincushion and sew the opening closed. Remove tacking.

Indent with a button through the centre of the pincushion and pull tight to indent.

Note: the photos below are for another biscornu but the same principles apply.

how to make a biscornu pincushion

Free pattern for 15 sided Biscornu Pincushion

Use whatever cross stitch fabric you have as long as you are consistent throughout. Choose any colours for the flowers. I will stitch mine all in different colours just for fun. 

Begin with enough scraps of the same cross stitch fabric to stitch 15 squares each with 20 stitches on each side. Leave about 8 stitches between each square as they will all be cut out. I am stitching with 2 strands of cotton over 2 stands of evenweave fabric. 

15 sided Biscornu flower.jpg
a 15 sided biscornu pincushion pattern
15 sided biscornu pincushion
squares of 15 sided biscornu

Sew three sides together as above then add the fifth square stitching down two sides. This is the top of the pincushion. Sew another 5 squares together in the same way for the bottom. Now stitch the squares that form the middle matching the 5 stitched seams.

15 sided biscornu pincushion
15 sided biscornu pincushion
15 sided biscornu pincushion

Lastly stitch the bottom section of the pincushion beginning as shown in the picture.

Keep stitching until there are only 3 sides to join. Begin to stuff firmly at this point. Stitch two more sides together leaving just one seam. Add the last little bit of stuffing and close the seam. Indent with strong thread through the centre of the pincushion.

Stitch some two ribbon roses to the top and bottom .