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Cherry Parker's New Zealand cross stitch designs

Cat Biscornu pincushion

Panda cross stitch pattern by Cherry Parker

Panda on a foam ball

Birds of a Feather cross stitch designs on foam balls

Birds of a Feather on a foam ball

Lucky Cat 3 Dimensional cross stitch

Lucky Cat 3-dimensional design

Christmas Wreath

Not buying any more fabric bookmark

All I need is Time bookmark

Somewhere bookmark

Stitching keeps me Sane 

Me Stitch? bookmark

Me Quilt? bookmark

Every Quilt bookmark

Coffee may contain Cotton 

Cat Fur bookmark

Toy Drawer 3 dimensional cross stitch pattern

Toy Drawer 3-dimensional design

Orange maze Biscornu Pincushion cross stitch pattern

Orange Maze Biscornu pincushion

Why Fit In?

Fern Biscornu pincushion

rose biscornu pincushion designed by Cherry Parker

Rose Biscornu pincushion

Stitching is as important as fishing crossstitch pattern

7" hoop Fishing pattern

15 sided biscornu flower pattern

15 sided Biscornu pincushion

3-D Welcome 

Happy New Pattern - 7" hoop

Corn Sampler

Magnolia Sampler

Hibiscus Sampler

Poppy Biscornu pincushion

Twas the Night Before Christmas cross stitch pattern

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Alphabet Button Cross Stitch Ball

Alphabet Button ball

Alphabet Birth Sampler pattern with buttons
Not My Problem cross stitch pattern

Button Birth Sampler