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Living with an Alcoholic Husband - ME

Cherry, I read your book all the way through, laughing at the beginning at the irony of hearing myself in your husband's words, and crying at the end, because a week ago , I was near death and my second hospitalization in 8 months. 

What an incredible book you have written.

Detox and rehab( 90 days + inpatient care) didn't get my attention like your story did. While some unfair events happened to me , in hindsight, unfair events happen to people all the time and they don't pick up a bottle. I have realized my wife moving out was the best thing for both of us, although at the time, both my family and I thought she was being selfish and uncaring. 

Your husband's graduation story sounded a lot like mine too; I thought I was cured as well.

I made it 45 days before letting an issue spin up into resentment, and back to the bottle and the ICU where I was on a ventilator for 2 days.

I have temporary if not permanent damage to my nerves involving my left hand and leg/foot. I hope it serves as a daily reminder to me of a slow, painful death awaiting me if I don't take responsibility and action. One day at a time.

You may very well have saved my life today, thank you and God bless you.

( name withheld)

Reviews for my Cross Stitch books

I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible pleasure you've given me in doing and displaying your New Zealand cross stitch designs on my wall( Canada) - Ellen

I've loved your work in the 15 years I've been stitching and when stitchers ask to borrow your books I say 'no' as I don't want to lose them. - Zeb

Love your patterns. I have made numerous cards - Judy

Your cross stitch book is a touch of home for ex-pats - Carol

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