Using Up the Stash

We all have unfinished pieces of cross stitch or embroidery that were going to be the next great thing and somehow didn’t quite make it. They are too good to throw away or donate to the thrift shop. So we kept them and waited.

I also have tray cloths and crocheted pieces from both my grandmothers. 2020 is the time to give them another life in a new way.

Let’s see what designs I can come up with!

Better to have fun reinventing them, than have them languishing unseen in a box.

Rather than being exact patterns, these designs are ideas, options and choices as everyone’s stash will be different. 


They will give you a starting point from which to grow your own ideas. Very simple straight stitches are used, graphs are supplied with each pattern and progressive photos have been taken as the design has evolved.


Hand sewing or machine stitching is your choice.

Of course not being able to leave cross stitch out of it, these designs will all have cross stitch in them somewhere. 

Each pattern will be easily completed and will include the cross stitch graph and instructions.

All designs will be easy to do, decorated with bits of the stash that have been waiting in the wings for years, rather than decorative stitches. Some over the top. Some quiet and peaceful. Nothing bigger than 12” x 18”. Each very different.

Little Elephant cross stitch - Using Up the Stash

The first design is the Little Elephant who is mainly back-stitched and has a cross stitched saddle and cap which are decorated with sequins. He has a felt three dimensional ear and tail. Easy to stitch and construct the pattern can be found in my ETSY shop. Just click on the picture.

I am currently working on the design below for the Summer Cross Stitch book published by